Intentionally, defiantly positive

Is anyone else feeling a bit unsettled at the moment? Whenever I look at a paper or the news online it seems to be incessantly bad – man stabbed – woman stabbed – Brexit chaos predicted. Not only is it bad news – there’s nothing you can do about it! We are stuck in an uncertain, unstable political environment, living through turbulent times. It is not easy to live through this and keep your head and remain calm; there are a lot of external driving factors leaving us feeling unsettled, unsure and insecure. It’s not hard to see why positive statements are so bang on trend and typify the mood of 2019.
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I find myself responding a couple of ways to this. One is to drown out the noise, dig into the latest box set, turn off the radio and use the TV to escape to a lovely hot island or drool over the latest cake creation. That definitely helps. The other is to be intentionally, deliberately, defiantly, positive. To decide that – although the circumstances are undoubtedly difficult – I’m going to choose to be positive, joyful, grateful, and hopeful. I have control over my thoughts and my feelings, and I’m determined not to let Boris Johnson disturb my peace! It’s not that I’m delusional – I know that things are tricky – but I also choose not to be impacted by it. Why should I let Boris get me down? With him in Number 10, it’s no wonder it’s not just me that wants to surround themselves with positive words! They cheer us up, remind us that things are going to get better and encourage us to keep going.

Here at Love Mugs HQ, Lindsay and I have done our research and know that positive words actually have the power to change our brain and our thoughts. Putting positive statements onto objects such as mugs allows us to simply surround ourselves with positive words, and something we use and see everyday is a great way to achieve this. It’s been proven that we need to see positive words 5 times for them to register in our brain, opposed to the one time we need to absorb a negative word or comment. So, putting them on your kitchen table, your desk and in your hands is a good strategy! Seeing positive words regularly can change my morning, my mood and my brain. They remind me to lean into my positivity, to repeat it, to use it to manage my mood and my state, and the mood of others – because if I turn up in a grump, you can be sure that affects everyone around me (especially as I’m usually super positive). It never fails to make me smile to make my tea in my special mug.

So - Lindsay and I are super excited to bring you a new collection of Love Mugs, all of which have been carefully selected to speak key words of positivity, hope, joy, peace and rest into our lives that is often surrounded by a world of chaos.

Because we are committed to changing our own world, and the world of others, one mug at a time. Whoever’s in Number 10.

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