Pandemics are Thirsty Work!

Pandemics are thirsty work. In our house alone, we consume 150 cups of tea a week. And 42 cups of coffee. That’s what it takes to keep the wheels of this household turning in the middle of a lockdown.

At Love Mugs we know that a hot drink break in a beautiful mug is an important part of keeping you everyday superheroes going, whether you are saving lives or putting on the washing. At every step of your way through your day we want to serve you and solve your problems so you can get on with the very important work of being a superhero to your kids, parents or patients.

We can help you take a break and relax:
It's amazing how many hours we can spend at our computer staring at spreadsheets or yelling: “you’re on mute”. Our mindful mugs were designed specially to help you take a break and relax. My favourite is my “And Breathe” mug, which just reminds me to use my tea or coffee as an opportunity to take a break. The hot drink creates a micro mindful moment – some “me time” to stop, stare, and think about nothing - just breathe. This decreases your stress, builds your resilience, and allows you to rest and refresh.

We can help you connect with your family and friends:
We’re a bit lonely in the middle of lockdown and national restrictions. Missing informal catch ups, hugs in the street, quick drinks after work and family get togethers. We’ve seen some really ingenious solutions to this problem. We had an order for 66 mugs for a 50th Anniversary Wedding celebration. Everyone got together on zoom and shared a cup of tea together with matching mugs – a wonderful way to connect and a lovely memento of the occasion. We did a mug for our friend; author, speaker and coach, Jo Saxton. She goes live on Instagram for “tea-time with Jo”: a time to catch up and chat about both the mundane and the meaningful. Your hot drink break can help you connect with colleagues and catch up about their recent 100km run, new toddler group or their garden. This is the Swedish art of FIKA – a coffee and a cake break with your colleagues to rest, refresh and connect – which the Swedes take at least once a day. They are famously good at their work-life balance and productivity - something to do with the hot drink break and the connection maybe?

Love Mugs gives you the encouragement you need:
Even superheroes need to be reminded they’re doing a good job. The bonus of our love mugs is that while you are having your mindful moment or your social catch up, they literally speak to you from the mug. Whatever words you need. Because you deserve to feel appreciated for what you do. And you are doing a lot. Well done. Thank you for everything you’re doing – working, caring, cleaning, studying, repairing. We appreciate you. Take a break and really reflect on the effort you’re putting in and the amazing impact you’re having.

Love Mugs can help you with the Christmas planning, gifts and wrapping:
You’ve booked the Christmas delivery slot but not even the ghost of Christmas future could tell you whether we’ll be allowed to see anyone other than our immediate family/household. We can’t tell you how many will be round your Christmas table, but we can take some of the guess work (and leg work) out of the gifts. Send love on a mug to those you haven’t seen for a while – choose your favourite design and we’ll wrap it and post it directly to your friends and family in time for Christmas. That way – at least the presents (and the wrapping) are sorted.

We’d love to keep helping you connect, take a break, and be encouraged with our beautifully designed mugs. We’d be honoured to serve you by solving all your Christmas gift problems.

Send love.

On a mug.

We’ll even wrap it and send it.


Connect with your friends and family with a hot drink.

Remember you’re doing great. Love mugs have got all 150 cups covered.

Mr & Mrs personalised 50th anniversary bone china mugs
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