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Love Mugs are Julie and Lindsay.

I work in the city in financial services. One of my top strengths is positivity, and I have been amazed at my impact on colleagues and teams when I speak words of encouragement and positivity to them. I have literally seen people light up at their desk and entire teams go from demoralised and demotivated to enthusiastic and inspired after spending time with them. One of the things I found frustrating was that while I had an incredible impact on the people I was with, I had to physically be there to have the positive effect. I wanted to be able to inspire them, make them happy, appreciated and valued all the time, without me having to sit next to them and tell them, so that I could make more people feel like that.

Lindsay is a hugely talented designer and creative, and a true entrepreneur, and has always been into business and excellent design: clothes, products or branding, with two successful startups under her belt already. Lindsay has recently achieved distinction in her MA in visual communication focusing on brand communication.

We have always bonded over business, careers, progression and wanting to change the world. One hot, Italian summer, we both read Jo Malone’s My Story and were massively inspired by what she had achieved. We looked at each other and thought if she could do it, so could we.

Julie’s passion to bring positive words of encouragement to people at work and Lindsay’s creativity, flair for design and business ability merged perfectly, and Love Mugs was born.

We think Love Mugs is both an incredibly useful and inspirational product, but we wanted it to contribute to those who don’t know what it means to hear life spoken to them and don’t receive love. So, we will donate 10% of profits to charities that align with our values of “Speaking Life, Sending Love”. This year, the charity we’ve chosen is Samaritan’s purse, the children’s shoe box charity. They literally send gifts of love to children in poor countries at Christmas.
Thank you. You’re amazing. You are loved. You’ve got this. Everyone needs words of encouragement.

Words are small but can have great impact. Use them to remind your friends how much they mean to you. They are totally, ridiculously, extravagantly loved. You think they are awesome.

You know they can do it – even when they think they can’t.

Putting these messages onto a personalised mug as a gift is a brilliant way of placing these words into their hands. Every time they use the mug it will remind them of how brilliant you think they are and call their incredible, awesome, insane talents out of them​. Pumping them up, bringing them hope, courage, inspiration and motivation to do their thing in the way that only they can!

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