Love Mugs Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Christmas is fast approaching, and this year I am positively excited about all the preparation required of us in the next couple of weeks, instead of dreading it as I usually do. Something happy to take our minds off the news and to look forward to during the long dark nights. We know you have lots on, and are busy planning, managing work and your “to do” list, like arranging Carols on the doorstep or making sure your house is lit up in style to beat the neighbours this year, or even re-creating a carol in your window as part of a big treasure hunt. (Yes, I know people doing all these things!) So, Love Mugs are here to take some of the hard work out of present buying and help you navigate the gifting maze leading up to the big day, so that the presents you buy bring joy and love for many months and years to come.

Our Love Mugs are both useful and beautiful and make a great present. A mug is always useful (150 cups of tea a day are consumed in our house every week) and ours have the added bonus of bringing a splash of joy, happiness, encouragement, love and inspiration and fun along with the tea break. We have a lots of themes and ideas to help you make that oh-so-important decision – what do I want to say to the person I’m giving this present to?

Teachers and colleagues
Teachers are number one on my gift list this year. Teachers transitioned to on-line learning during lock down, spent the summer preparing COVID secure classrooms and are now daily risking their health and safety teaching children their spellings and times tables via masks or in freezing classrooms with the windows open to prevent contamination.

We realised just what an amazing job teachers do when home-schooling became a thing for the nation for five long months. Many teachers are remarkable and go way above and beyond the call of duty, when teaching little Arthur (who is really just “lively” but it’s wonderful to have him back in school), or holding zoom lessons over holidays for pupils to catch up.

Our mugs are designed to say a massive thank you, make them feel valued and appreciated, and will be a great addition to their kitchen and a significant source of pride in the staff room. You can choose from a “Mrs Smith you’re an awesome teacher” “Mr Smith best maths teacher ever/you’re amazing/epic/love tomato ketchup” or have a look at our fresh new superhero designs. Available in hand drawn script or the NHS rainbow, these are perfect for the teachers that have been giving 120% and deserve an A* in 2020. You can also add a personalised message on the back, such as “Thank you, love from Arthur and his mum and dad”.

That should make Mrs Smith think warmly of little Arthur during her coffee in the staff room, however “lively” he’s been.

Click here to buy a gift for your teachers now.

Colleagues and corporate gifts
The last six months have also shown us just how important our colleagues are and how much we miss them when we’re not seeing them in the flesh. A smile, a regular “hello”, a catch up in the kitchen and keeping in touch with each other’s lives while sharing the same office space was the sort of human interaction we took for granted until COVID hit. Teams have worked extra hard, pivoting to remote working (I’m thinking IT teams) and overcoming significant personal challenges to keep rocking up to work and making it happen day in and day out. Or maybe there is one colleague who made sure to check in on you regularly and find out how you are doing in between those interminable zoom calls, or sent you instant messages during team meetings to keep you both sane. Well, a great gift for that colleague, or even your whole team, is a love mug. You can personalise or send everyone in the team the same mug, maybe with your team slogan or in-joke on it, and we’re very happy to have a chat about bulk orders. It’s a lovely way to express your thanks and appreciation. The best gifts are the ones that get used again and again, and trust me, with remote working carrying on for who-knows-how-long and the daily tea requirement only going up in the winter, this is one gift that they will use and use.

Click here to send us a message or here for mugs for your colleagues.

Wonderful water bottles
I know why our younger customers absolutely love these super cool water bottles, which are also thermal and keep a cup of tea hot all day at school (good to pair with a cold packed lunch). They hold two large cups of tea and my daughter absolutely adores her bottle which she uses for both tea and water and is a mildly embarrassing reminder of how much her mum loves her with: “Chloe you are loved” emblazoned across it. You could be cooler with your personalisation, but I think it’s part of my job description to embarrass my teenagers. They love it really.

Friends and family you are not going to be seeing this year.
I think we’ve all accepted that there isn’t going to be the usual travel chaos as seen in trains, planes and automobiles this year. Even driving home for Christmas might be a stretch. But just because we’re not seeing our favourite aunties, uncles and friends doesn’t mean we can’t still think of them and send them some something thoughtful to let them know how much they’re loved, and that they’re not forgotten. We have a range of mugs designed for you to send love to those you will be missing this festive season: “Sending hugs” is my favourite and you can put your own personalised message on the back. We will also wrap and send directly, so that’s absolutely everything sorted.

Mindful Mugs
We’ve saved the best till last – mugs that will help you and your stressed friends take a mindful 5 minutes to stop, breathe, be still and count five things to be grateful for. Your hot drink break is what powers you through the day and keeps you going – it gives you a break and lets you have a rest. These mugs are literally the solution for so many of your problems – something for your hot drink (and let’s face it we have a lot of them) – help you relax – remind you how awesome you are – or to chill out and breathe for five minutes. My favourite is “and breathe” but “Be still” is also a winner, especially if you turn the words outwards to face your children….

Send the gift of a mindful moment - sending love, on a mug. And breathe. Love mugs have got it all covered.

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