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There is something about January. No expectations. A clear diary. The delight of enjoying and using the gifts you received for Christmas, lighting the candle, reading the books, using the new personalised Love Mug…

Then there is the sense of a new beginning. Gradually daring to make plans for Easter, for Spring, for summer, and for creating rhythms, ways of being, new habits, that will encourage more of what brings you joy during the year. Instead of “resolutions” which I’ve found I typically fail to keep, I make plans. Last year it was to have a date night with my husband once a month. We’ve done some brilliant things – immersive theatre, new bars and some great plays.

This year my plan is to have more fun with the people I love. So, as well as date nights with Tim, I’ve diarised family dates. We’re all going to get to choose what we do, within a certain budget, once a month. I’m already looking forward to my daughter’s choice next week – a walk in the park – coffee –and then a trip to Wahaca. Nice.
Speak Life Day
We’re also planning an amazing year for Love Mugs. We know that research shows that if you want to develop lifelong satisfaction, you should regularly engage in positive thinking about yourself, share your happiest events with others, and savour every positive experience in your life. The mere repetition of positive words like love, peace and compassion will turn on specific genes that lower your physical and emotional stress. It will help you feel better, live longer and build deeper and more trusting relationships with others. So we are planning our first ever “Speak Life Day” on February 13. Our Speak Life Day will encourage you to use those positive words all day to say things to appreciate and encourage others – things like thank you – well done- you’re awesome – I appreciate you. Using these words costs nothing. Yet there is power in the words we choose. What we say can make a huge difference both to the person we say it and to the world. The words we choose create our worlds. We want to encourage you to choose words that create amazing, kind, courageous, fun worlds. Celebrate life – change the world by sending a text, writing a note, saying more, and speaking life to those around you.

We’d love you to join in with us on the 13 February. The next blog will focus on what we’re doing to encourage you to speak life, encourage, remind, be kind, be thankful and grateful – not just on the 13 February but every day.

So….who can you encourage and be kind to with your words today?

We’d love to hear your stories. Get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram and share your #speaklife stories.

So much love…


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