Joyful January and Blue Monday

Yesterday was officially the bleakest day of the year. The third Monday into January, when the hangover of debt from overspending at Christmas starts to bite (despite best intentions), New Year’s resolutions are looking over-optimistic and the nights are still dark and gloomy.

This year I intentionally decided that January was not going to be boring – and Joyful January was born. There were still things I hadn’t done over the Christmas period – like ice skating and a trip to the movies- and I thought I’d pop them into the first few weeks of January. I kept my gorgeous wreath up, and to the children’s unadulterated delight I also kept the Christmas bunting up – and filled with chocolates. In a wild moment of optimism and craziness, I also agreed to having a second Christmas – with stockings and a meal – just for the four of us – because – why not?
Be Still Bone China Mug
There are a few moments when I’ve wondered why I’m buying presents (again) but it is seriously good fun deliberately having a good time in January. Ice skating was great, and I’m planning more trips to the local ice rink with our neighbours. Still, even with another Christmas to look forward to, there are definitely some flat days back in the office, trying to get my mojo back for the next set of deadlines. So – being serious about Blue Monday – there are a few things we can do on a day to day basis that are helpful for our mental health and well-being. In fact, before Christmas we came across the 5-3-1 formula for mental well-being every day:

5 mins meditation
3 things to be grateful for
1 act of kindness

I start my day with 5-10 minutes meditation every day, and an integral part of that is a cup of hot, steaming tea. I don’t know why, but it’s not quite the same without that amazing Earl Grey, delivered by my loving husband, in a beautiful bone china Love Mug. I have a couple of favourites, “be still” “and breathe” are helpful reminders to take my five minutes of stillness before the day begins. And it’s funny how starting the day with stillness infuses the rest of the day with calm. So, when we met lots of you over Christmas, we started calling some of our mugs our “mindful mugs” – which really resonated with our lovely customers.

The point of mental well-being is that taking small, simple steps every day is so much more effective than waiting until burn out. Small steps include taking time for a cup of tea or coffee, being aware of your breathing, connecting with others – try face to face for some real magic– and doing something kind – for yourself and others.

Our love mugs are here to help you do just that. We think they’re a great gift, they are gorgeous to use, high quality, and have just the right messages on them to remind you to take time out, remind you you’re amazing, or just make you smile. Now, that’s one thing to be grateful for already - and if you make someone you love a cup of tea in a love mug that’s also your act of kindness for the day.

I’m so grateful to all of you who bought a mug over Christmas, that I’m able to do something that matters with my brilliant friend Lindsay, and that January has actually been quite good fun. And as our act of kindness, we’re offering you free postage across the site until the end of January.

How’s that for a bit of love?

Enjoy the crisp cold sunny days, the snowdrops, the sound of birdsong in the early morning, the sight of your frozen breath, toasting marshmallows on the open fire and guilt free TV evenings. Watch out for the days lengthening gently and imperceptibly, the birds making nests and the bulbs starting to peek out of the ground. Spring is just around the corner.

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