Mother's Day

Mum, Mummy, Mama, Mother. The first person to hold us, care for us, feed us, want us, sacrifice for us, wear themselves out for us, put themselves after us.

No-one else really knows us quite like our mum. She knows us and what we need almost intuitively and sees what we need before we even know it.

We all have them. We love them, some of us live with them, sometimes we fight them but none of us would be here without them. Some of us are one.

Becoming a mum is the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. All of a sudden, I had a huge overwhelming love for a tiny little baby that needed me – and their Dad, but in a biological sense very deeply needed me - to provide everything they needed. I realised very quickly how much hard work this was! My love and admiration for my mum – all she had done for me shot up in appreciation. Clearing up the sick, the poo, the incessant feeding, washing, changing, dressing, leaving me with very little time to eat, wash, dress or use the toilet myself – let alone think or breathe –made me fully appreciate all she had done for me.

That’s the thing with mums. You need them more than you realise. They love you and care for you and are interested in you in a way that no-one else is. Yet it is so easy to take them for granted, simply because they are always there, looking after you, and dare I say it, clearing up after you as well!

When I returned to work, and employed a nanny, I had to write a job description that included everything I did. It was long, and it was hard. Nannies that hadn’t done this before struggled to understand everything that needed to be done – much of which was intuitive, and which required multiple skill sets – from negotiating with unreasonable stakeholders, balancing requirements from others such as teachers and neighbours, cooking, clearing up, reading, homework, baking and a level of organisational skills that at times felt unreasonable to request! Yet this job is completely unpaid and done for absolutely nothing. Check out this amazing video that still gets me laughing and then crying in it’s incredible truth of all that mums do just because they love you:
Mothers Day Bone China Mug
As my children have got older, the requirements continue to stretch me. The organisational thing only gets harder and their needs change so rapidly I can hardly keep up. Yet the love that exploded inside me when I first held them in my arms, freshly covered in vernix and rooting for milk has only increased day by day as I’ve watched them grow, develop and give back that love that I have poured into them day by day, second by secon

And the reason that I love them the way I love them is because of the way I was loved.

Mothers day. This year – I’m hoping the plans are low key! It’s great to feel appreciated and loved and thanked and to have a special day just for me. But the thanks that come in unexpected, unplanned, spontaneous ways are the ones that catch my breath and bring tears to my eyes. My 16 year old hugging me and telling me he loves me. Lunch with my daughter as she tells me what’s been going on in her class for the last year but hasn’t had the time to tell me. Holding the hand that is still smaller than mine on the walk to school, which will be coming to an end in the next few months, making each school run more and more precious. Getting excited about the fact that your kids have their whole lives ahead of them, and you cannot even imagine what they might choose to do.

As you might expect, we’ve created a range of mugs to celebrate Mother’s Day. All of them aim to let her know how much you love her, appreciate her, how special she is to you, and how grateful you are. One of the reasons we love mugs is because you can use them every day. Your mum will be reminded of how you feel about her every day whenever she uses her mug for a tea or coffee. They’re also great all year round gifts as well, and remember we can personalise them just for you so if you have a special nickname or message, we’ll be delighted to create that on a mug for her to look at every day, and be reminded that the best thing she’s ever done thinks: “My mum is just awesome. She’s awesome.”

Julie's daughter Chloe says...

Mums are awesome. I mean, come on! Where would we be without them? Every day they love us, care for us, feed us, provide shelter for us, work for us, and welcome us with loving arms as we share our feelings of sadness, guilt, anger or any other emotions. That’s why Mothers day is so important!

Mothers spend so much time caring for you, celebrating you, comforting you they get barely any time to be given appreciation towards them. In fact, lots of Mums can feel quite stressed and tired from all their hard work! Of course, Dads do too but they have their own day to be cheered. Mother’s day gives you an opportunity to raise a glass for your Mum and cheer them on. You may gift them a bunch of flowers, a card, a loving message hidden in their pocket. Little things can make a world of difference. A smile, laugh, to be reminded of how awesome they are!

Now, I’m going to jump right in to the gift bit. Personally, I find it quite hard to find a gift for mothers day. A bunch of flowers? Sooner or later they will find their last day and go in the bin. A box of chocolates? Too easily gobbled up. Usually, then my thoughts wander to something they can hold dear. A something that will bring a smile to their face, raise their spirit. But those things are quite hard to find. Used in every day life? A mug? Maybe even a mug that can be personalized with their name on it? That can cheer them on, even through hard times. You can even get on the back ‘Love from …….’ I just think that’s amazing.

And they will be reminded of you and your loving words as they drink from your gifted mug.

Check out our Mother's Day range here:

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