The Start of Something That Really Matters

We did it! We’ve launched! Two amazing parties, one in London and one last weekend in Stafford. It was so encouraging to get feedback from our wonderful friends and family and so exciting that everyone “got” our vision and values. The products and ranges went down brilliantly, with some very long lists for Christmas presents submitted. We were excited, elated, ecstatic, and now we are exhausted!

The day after our London launch I ran a half marathon with Lindsay’s husband Andy, who has helped us with the website, printing mugs, and loads more. Well, he ran a bit faster than me, but we were in the same race! In some way both ventures are similar. We set out to do something big and difficult, and then broke the goal down into achievable steps. Both were significant achievements, but the launch and the race itself were just the culmination of the hard work and effort required to run and finish the race and to start the business. Working towards a long-term goal and then seeing it completed is deeply satisfying. But looking back, there was a whole lot of work that went into it in the quiet, unseen evenings behind the laptop and weekends pounding the road.
Love Mugs
Although starting up is a massive milestone the hard work isn’t over because we’ve got a business to grow in our spare time. We know we can do it. We know what we’re doing matters. The research tells us that what we think matters, because what we think impacts what we say. What we say impacts what we do, and what we do impacts who we are and what we become. Our words are the key drivers of our behaviour and the creators of our reality. We want Love Mugs to play a part in changing and shaping reality for the better for everyone just by holding them, and the business to help others through our charity giving.

We have a dream to place two Love Mugs in every home and the launch parties were the start of that. Thanks for joining us on the road to achieving it. I’m working on my Christmas present list – what I want to say to encourage those I love. What will you say to your loved ones to encourage, inspire and motivate them every time they use their Love Mug? We’d love to help you with your Christmas list. I can’t wait to hear and see the words become reality on a beautiful mug.
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