There’s no denying it. Christmas is nearly here

The autumn leaves are gone, squirrels have hoarded their nuts with determined purpose and the nip in the air is sending me straight back indoors for the woolly hat before the daily commute. Ocado Christmas delivery slots are full, family arrangements are made and the first fires are crackling in the freshly laid hearth.

This year, I’m approaching Christmas with a purposeful calm. After too many years of being the one to arrange it, I know that the season can become oppressively busy with concerts, parties and dinners to attend on top of a ridiculous amount of family and life admin. This list is endless and just thinking about it is enough to raise a red flag for my mental health – let alone the bank balance.

It’s a small but defiant rebellion to say this year will be a simple Christmas. Gone are the days of trying to make everything perfect and finding myself sobbing into the washing up at 6:30 while the rest of the family is snoring on the sofa or dozing in front of the TV.

I’ve asked for small, simple gifts, that I’ll use every day and that won’t hurt the environment. I’m going to give gifts that I know people will love, beautiful books and environmentally friendly surprises. And of course, I’m very excited to be giving special gifts to those I love from our new love mugs range.

I particularly like our new “notes to self” range, and have curated pairs of mugs for couples that read beautifully together, like “be still” and “and breathe” and “imagine more” and “goodness and mercy”.
Our mugs are immensely giftable and gorgeous to interact with – one of our customers says she looks for her mug every day because it is so lovely to use. Then there are the beautiful cushions – which small children particularly love – one of my nieces takes hers with her wherever she goes – including church and the gym - and our inspirational selection of brightly coloured prints that look great anywhere and will fit neatly in the post.

There really is something for everyone – my daughter has already asked for a water bottle and I’m thinking that would be a good upgrade from my single use plastic bottle I’m currently using.

Little changes to make a big difference. So - don’t stress about your Christmas gifts this year. There is something for everyone at Love Mugs – something beautiful and useful, and something to remind them of you and your message to them every time they use it. So - take a seat with a cup or glass of your favourite something, have a look at the website, and write out your list. We can personalise mugs, cushions and coasters for you, so you can send your own special message, or do hampers for families, a present that will be used every day.

We would be delighted to make that Christmas gift list a breeze to handle – and give you a very calm and peaceful Christmas!

Lots of love


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